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Page last updated      23 Jan 2009


I have been keeping reptiles ever since I was 8 years old, starting out with an agama and shortly after a red sided garter snake. Since then there has not been a day gone by without me owning at least one reptile, up to now where the collection numbers over 600.

Over the years I have kept many dozens of different species ranging from corns, kings, rats & milks snakes, up to Mojave Rattlers, Western Diamondbacks and albino Monocled Cobras. With the lizards the species have ranged from agamas, leopard geckos, tokays to Leucistic Dwarf monitors, Gila monsters, Beaded lizards & Fiji Iguanas, We are also big tortoise fans, currently keeping Hermans, Spur Thighs and most recently Giant Aldabran tortoises.

We have bred dozens of species over the years but now our efforts are concentrated on Ball Pythons, Dwarf Monitors, Gila Monsters and Rhacodactylus gecko species, ALL make excellent 'pets' and can be easily cared and will breed readily in captivity.

If you have any care / husbandry questions, please ask via the forum. All other questions can be asked via email. I Hope you find this site both useful and interesting, Best regards,

Scott Wilkinson

   All featured reptiles are from our OWN collection, past & present. Photography by Scott W & Stuart Howe
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